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Iggy Azalea’s boyfriend thinks that a dolphin tried to kill him in Cabo (VIDEO)

Nick Young has revealed he’s scared of dolphins, but it’s not all that surprising, since he claims that one tried to kill him and hit on his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea.

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Azalea recently took to Twitter to inform fans that her boyfriend is scared of dolphins after an experience where one tried to kill him in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

But if you thought that Azalea was joking about the experience, the Los Angeles Lakers player made it clear that he was not, during a locker-room interview. When asked if he is afraid of dolphins, he said, “This is a [long] story. [We were] on vacation, dolphin was trying to kill me for some reason.”

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“He was playing with everybody else, doing what dolphins do — the ‘ack ack’ and all that,” Young continued. “It was my time to ride the dolphin. For some reason, he took me all the way to the bottom. He was trying to drown me. But I seen it happening so I jumped out of the water and took off the little life vest and threw off my little water shoes and stayed outside… He went straight down. He was trying to kill me.”

So, why does Young think that the dolphin wanted to kill him and not everyone else? It has something to do with his girlfriend.

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“I think he was trying to get at Iggy cause he was a little friendly, kissing her and stuff. He was trying to take my woman,” the 6-foot-7-inch NBA player joked.

Watch Nick Young talk about his scary experience below.

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