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Kim Kardashian reveals embarrassing Spanx secret, and we’re right with her

The struggle is real, my friends.

Proof! We now have proof that celebrities are real people, too. And they share in some of the same struggles to keep up with societal beauty standards all of us women who need a little help keeping it all tucked in deal with.

Spanx and the problem with peeing.

You know how it took you 30 minutes to put that skintight bodysuit on, and as you’re putting on your makeup you feel the sudden and terrifying urge to pee? Then you have to do a little mental Jedi mind yoga into trying to get your body to not have to pee, knowing there will come a time in your day when you will have to finally do it.

Well, Kim Kardashian is right there with you, and guess what? She pees all over her Spanx, too.

While you might like to keep your underwear situation under wraps, we all know Kim K is a super fan of the super tight underwear, and in a recent interview for the latest issue of LOVE magazine, she admitted to the world that she often is stuck in her spandex suit and often, too, pees on it.

Kim Kardashian's super bowl commercial still of her in Spanx


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How does such a subject get brought up? Good question.

Apparently, Cara Delevingne said she just began to wear the shapewear (dear god, help us all if she thinks she needs to wear Spanx!), and she was surprised and “impressed” with the crotchless options available.

To which, of course, the ever so poignant and no-holds-barred queen of reality TV said, “I always pee all over my Spanx.” She followed that up by saying, “They aren’t crotchless enough!”

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Well put, Kim, well put. And not only did the mother of one air her dirty laundry, literally, she spilled the beans on her sister, Kourtney, too.

“Kourtney was a little bit notorious for that, actually. I remember we were at the Delano in Miami — they will probably never let us back there again — and she went behind a curtain [to pee].”

It is nice to know that even for just a few seconds, we are all the same. We are all in the same boat, dealing with the same issues and struggling… to somehow pee out of a hole in your Spanx. And that when you sometimes don’t quite totally make it out of the restroom without any problems, Kim Kardashian is somewhere in some 5-star hotel in some beautiful place, struggling to not pee on herself, too.

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