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Kanye goes on fur coat-fueled rant in latest ego trip (VIDEO)

Kanye West loves fashion like Kanye loves Kanye, and his fur coat is no exception.

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As People reports, Kanye has collaborated with French fashion label, A.P.C., designed shoes for Adidas and served, for years, as his wife Kim Kardashian’s official stylist. So, yeah, you could say Kanye is into fashion.

But that didn’t stop one brave paparazzo from asking the rapper about a future career in the industry. Kanye was mobbed by photogs in the airport and one of them bravely shouted out (on camera), “Are you venturing into the fashion industry and is Kim going to be your muse?”

And Kanye responded in the most Kanye way possible.

He stopped dead in his tracks, motioned to his black, floor-length fur coat and yelled back, “Am I venturing into the fashion industry? Do you see this fur coat?!”

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Luckily, the rapper’s big smile after the mini-rant is a dead giveaway that he’s joking around and not being extra Kanye-y by verbally assaulting some poor paparazzo who probably only wanted to address the growing number of rumors that Kanye is getting ready to launch his own clothing line.

This isn’t the first time the famously fashionable Yeezy has addressed his style. In the past, he’s actually said that he wanted to study design.

“I wanted to go to Central Saint Martins, but Louise Goldin said that I was too famous,” he told GQ. “So I basically had to learn my clothes through, through like Scott [Schuman] The Sartorialist, Tommy Ton, and dudes shopping. And luckily, I was rich enough to make mistakes and learn by like just being a fashion victim — which I definitely have been a fashion victim — and to flip it from fashion victim to maybe a fashion icon, to actually a person who can give an opinion, and that’s what I’m in the process of doing. So I just want everyone to be patient with me as we go on this journey.”

Even without studying, we think Kanye is doing just fine on his road to becoming a fashion icon.

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What do you think? Would you wear designs by Kanye? Tell us your take down in the comments.

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