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Is Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show for NBC Nightly News?

Jon Stewart announced he is leaving The Daily Show during Tuesday’s taping of the show.

After over 15 years as the host of the program and with no other plans in sight for Stewart as of now, Twitter began the endless speculation of what the future will hold for Stewart.

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Of course, the most likely scenario is that he’s being groomed as Brian Williams’ successor now that the anchor is embedded in the Iraq story lie. Though Williams hasn’t stepped down from the position just yet, he is on a six-month extended leave while NBC News investigates the allegations (which Williams himself confessed to) that he lied about his trip to Iraq, where he said his Chinook helicopter was shot at.

Stewart has been talking about the Williams scandal at length on his show, even including such witty commentary as, “Finally someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War.”

Touché as always, Mr. Stewart. Touché.

And while I do think it’s a valid theory that Stewart could be taking over for Williams, I’m not sure if he would accept the position given his obvious opinion on the mishap.

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Plus, Stewart will stay on The Daily Show until later this year. If NBC News is going to hire him to replace Williams, wouldn’t they need someone a lot sooner?

Other Twitter users are speculating that Stewart has bigger aspirations than NBC and that he may, in fact, be planning a run for president.

Stewart has joked about running in the past, but in all seriousness, the funny man is so popular among the key, younger demographic that he could have a chance in the polls. If not to win, then at least to dramatically alter the voting landscape.

Perhaps Stewart is thinking less grand than the presidency. He has raked in quite the hefty paycheck for long enough now that he should have a sizable nest egg stashed away.

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And with the release of his film, Rosewater, in 2014, fans got a look at the host’s real passion. It could be that the movie was just the start of Stewart’s ambitious Hollywood plans to fund his own films or even start a production company.

One thing we can pretty much bet on: Just because Stewart is leaving The Daily Show, don’t think you’ve seen the last of him.

What do you think Stewart will do following The Daily Show?

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