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Left Shark is officially a celebrity: Watch his newest commercial (VIDEO)

Move over, Katy Perry — Left and Right Shark are ready for their turn in the spotlight.

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The dancing sharks, made famous during Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, are the stars in a hilarious new commercial for SportsCenter on ESPN after Left Shark went viral online for his offbeat, uncoordinated dance moves.

In the ad, the sharks are played by SportsCenter anchors, Bram Weinstein and John Anderson, who are seen carpooling back to work together, still in their shark costumes, after their Super Bowl performance in the beginning of the ad.

“Man, I can’t believe they sent us down there to work,” Right Shark says as they take off their masks on their way into SportsCenter HQ.

“Me, either,” Left Shark replies. “Hey, I wasn’t too out of sync, was I?”

The whole internet knows exactly how out of sync Left Shark was, but his counterpart hilariously replies, “Nah, and if you were, I bet nobody even noticed.”

ESPN is far from the first to cash in on Left Shark’s popularity — his mixed-up dance moves inspired an internet meme, as well as shirts, coffee mugs, figurines and other merchandise.

However, the ad really makes us wonder how Katy Perry feels about ESPN. The “Roar” singer has already sent a cease and desist notice to at least one person who was selling 3-D printed Left Shark toys online, threatening a lawsuit if the seller didn’t stop using her “intellectual property” without permission.

Will Perry react the same way to a media giant like ESPN using Left Shark for advertising? Maybe the two struck a deal and the network actually has her permission to use the shark.

Then again, since Perry’s show was designed for the Super Bowl, might the NFL actually own the rights to the sharks rather than Perry? This ad leaves us with so many questions, but based on Perry’s earlier reaction, we get the feeling she probably isn’t too happy about it.

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Either way, it’s a clever spot. Check it out for yourself below and then head to the comments and tell us what you think. Do you love the commercial? Or is Left Shark old news by now?

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