Kate Middleton’s Woman’s Day cover causes a ruckus on Twitter

Woman’s Day published a Photoshopped image of Kate Middleton on its cover this week. After much criticism from the public, the magazine has since released another version, but not before fans took to Twitter to share their own photos and memes.

Woman's Day criticised for photoshopping Kate Middleton

Image: Lia Toby/WENN.com

Kate Middleton is the epitome of understated style and grace, is she not? The mother of one, with another on the way, is always immaculately dressed on her public outings, no matter if she’s in a state of pregnancy exhaustion or not; she always looks happy and chic.

So, it’s not surprising that the public has recoiled in horror and gasped over their hot cups of English Breakfast tea at the mere sight of the Duchess of Cambridge and her Photoshopped face on the cover of Woman’s Day this week.

Here’s what’s utterly wrong with the image, as pointed out by the public.

The royal Photoshop fail

Not only did the magazine Photoshop the royal to the point of distraction and disbelief, but, as pointed out by the good people on social media, the image was sharpened so much that her skin seemed to resemble a zombie’s.

Steve Buscemi eyes

No longer as pretty as a picture, Woman’s Day has given Kate Middleton a makeover, complete with Steve Buscemi eyes and all.

Slapped-on makeup

It seems the amount of makeup Middleton was wearing in the photo on the cover just wasn’t up to standard for the Woman’s Day team, because they’ve added blush, lipstick and have even darkened her beauty spot on the published cover image.

Was it the work experience kid?

As one person rightfully noted, perhaps it was just a case of the work experience kid getting a little carried away.

That’s a red flag

I’m not sure if you can spot the difference here, it might be a tough one. But in the original photo, you can just make out the face of a man to the right of Middleton. But on the cover of Woman’s Day, the man has disappeared and has been replaced by Union Jacks.

The punishment

How do you suppose the royal family will retaliate to this disastrous Photoshop fail?

What do you think? Was Woman’s Day too heavy-handed with Photoshop?

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