Relationship rules broken by The Bachelor Australia

The rumour mill doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon, with even more hearsay emerging about the Bachelor, Blake Garvey.

We all make blunders when it comes to love and romance; we all make decisions that are not in our best interest; we all get caught up in that warm and fuzzy feeling; we’re all blinded by love and butterflies — but perhaps, we can take a look at the mess Garvey and girls have gotten into and take heed.

Consider The Bachelor a lesson in dating for all of us. Here are three lessons we can all learn about romance and dating from The Bachelor Australia.

Don’t share your weird fetishes too soon

According to a woman who’s come forward claiming she’s one of Garvey’s ex-girlfriends, the Bachelor has a love of Cabbage Patch dolls, which she calls a “kinda creepy” obsession. “His bedroom has a spare bed covered with his collection,” the woman said. “There are at least 20 dolls, all arranged neatly on the bed. He said there were a few to collect and he wanted to get them all. I think it’s kinda creepy.” While a grown man with a doll collection is not exactly an endearing quality most women want in a partner, if it is true, this is a lesson in keeping your creepy truths to yourself until you know you can trust your partner. This is the perfect example of what can happen when you reveal too much, too soon.

Be really sure before you accept or offer a marriage proposal

The cameras were rolling and South Africa sure put on a romantic show, but don’t fall into a marriage proposal that you’re not truly prepared for. “I’m so annoyed he proposed, and that’s actually what I said to him. When he called it off, I said, ‘How dare you propose to me! How dare you take that moment away from me!’ Because I want to be engaged once and get married once,” said Bachelor “winner”, Sam Frost. “I want to believe in it and I feel like he kind of took that away from me. He made me feel like it’s actually going to happen,” she said.

Avoid dating more than one person at once… duh!

Date more than one person at a time and things are bound to get messy. Sharing emotions and intimate moments with more than one person is going to inevitably lead to some broken hearts, or worse, some painful and damaging rumours. After breaking up with Frost, Garvey has been the target of many rumours surrounding the other women from the show, including Louise and Lisa.
What other relationship rules did The Bachelor Australia break? Let us know in the comments section below.

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