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Australia has a new Bachelor

The Bachelor Australia is ready for a second round, ladies, and Channel 10 has announced who the latest hunk is. So, what do we know about the leading man?

Professional life

Heralding from Perth, 31-year-old Blake Garvey works in real estate as an agent and auctioneer. It’s a good thing he works in sales, too, as he’ll have to sell himself to the 24 bachelorettes who will all be vying for his love and attention on the next season of The Bachelor Australia.

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As described on his real estate work profile, there’s one thing that jumps out at people when they first meet Garvey. “When you first meet Blake you’ll be struck by his height (6’5″) and his deep baritone voice (he’s been likened to Barry White),” the profile reads.

“Spend some time with him and you’ll be impressed with his passion and energy and his exceptional communication skills.”


The half-African-American basketball fan says he was raised by his single mother and grandmother, who he says both had a hand in shaping the man he is today.

“You have to grow up very quickly when you are raised by a single mum; nothing is sugar-coated, that’s for sure,” says Garvey, who is still in contact with his American football-playing dad in the U.S.

“My mum is a very strong woman and she had me at a very young age so she was also growing up, in a way, at the same time that I was.

“So it was almost a mutual thing. But I’m extremely thankful for my upbringing; it really made me who I am and I’m grateful for that.”

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Love life

So, why is this tall, dark and handsome man still single? Garvey, who has been single for about 18 months, says it comes down to “bad timing and circumstance”.

And when it comes to someone making his heart sing, it comes down to personality and honesty.

“It’s someone who’s got their heart in the right place, who’s going to have a good personality, who is going to be real about who they are and doesn’t hide behind anything,” he said.

What do you think about Blake Garvey being the next Australian Bachelor? Spill the beans, girls.

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