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Booze-free drinks for NYE

Don’t feel left out this party season with these delicious alcohol-free drinks!

strawberry virgin mojito

Pregnancy, religion or health beliefs, whatever your cause sometimes it is easy to feel like the boring one over the party season with just about everyone else enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two.

This year join in the fun with a glass full of a delicious and equally appealing non-alcoholic drink.


There are many alcohol-free options on the market that are easy to get and just as easy to drink. A new beverage to hit the market though is Edenvale‘s “alcohol removed” wine. Yes, they claim to be different to “alcohol-free” wines. Evendale Director Jarrod Myles says there is a “strong demand in the market for premium quality alcohol removed wines.”

“We use revolutionary technology to gently remove the alcohol while preserving the delicate aromas and flavour essences of premium wine,” he said.

To really give the impression of a party drink, add whole strawberries or slices of peach to sparkling wines (minus the alcohol).

The mocktail

Apart from the funny name, a mocktail can actually be delicious. Grab your favourite juices, bubbles from lemonade or soda water, pop in an umbrella and no-one else will know the difference!


Virgin mojito

In a nice-looking tall glass drop in two teaspoons of brown sugar, a handful of crushed mint leaves, two wedges of lime and gently bash with a wooden spoon to blend the flavours. Fill the glass to the top with lemonade and decorate with a slice of lime. Delicious!

Fancy cordial

elderflower cordial

Okay, we’re not talking about your stock-standard kids cordial. There are now high-end and delicious cordials that you can mix with water (standard or sparkling) for a beautiful, sophisticated drink.

Companies like Belvoir Drinks & Cordials produce syrups for grown-up pallettes like raspberry
and rose, lime and lemongrass, or black currant and apple.

Make your drink and pop in the matching fresh fruit for the look of a beautiful cocktail.

The dairy option

If you want the look and feel of some of the heavier creamy cocktails, consider making up your favourite milkshake, iced coffee or flavoured milk drink.

Take it to the next level by swirling chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup around the inside of the glass before pouring in your milk-based drink, add a straw and no-one else will be any wiser.

Presentation ideas

Half the fun of drinking a cocktail is the presentation, so don’t miss out if you’re having a sober celebration. Be sure to use a fancy glass, straws, umbrellas and sliced fruit to give your drink the wow factor. You could even go as far as putting sugar on the rim of the glass!

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