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Candy cane-flavoured treats

Take the candy cane flavour and enhance your Christmas treats.

candy cane

Christmas treats with a minty twist

Take the candy cane flavour and enhance your Christmas treats.
Today you’ll find candy canes in all sorts of colours and flavours. For a traditional feel, however, use the red and white peppermint candy canes, particularly when using them in a visible way.

The easiest way to incorporate the candy cane flavour is by smashing it and folding it in. To do this, place the candy canes in a plastic sandwich bag, fold it between a tea towel and then gently bash with a rolling pin. Try to use straightaway as when stored it can become sticky and clump together.

Make your own judgement on how finely you grind down the candy canes e.g. a fine crumble is good for folding into cake batter, while if sprinkling on top of an iced cake you might want it chunkier.

Sweet treats

Crushed candy canes can be used in the following ways to create a tantilising peppermint taste:

  • Cakes — using a basic vanilla (white) cake recipe, fold crushed candy canes into the cake mixture. The candy won’t melt all that much so don’t make the chunks too big.
  • Decoration — flecks of white and red crushed candy canes look great sprinkled on top of iced cakes, truffles, brownies, cake pops and cupcakes. Either crush or cut with a sharp knife to make shards.
  • Ice-cream — using your favourite store-bought vanilla ice cream, let it melt a little and stir in chunks of candy cane. Place back in the freezer and let it set overnight. Enjoy it with a chocolate dessert for a match made in heaven.
  • Cookies — fold candy cane pieces into cookie batter before baking. Use a heavier butter-based cookie recipe (chocolate or vanilla) that will hold the candy cane pieces within and balance out the flavour.
  • Chocolate bark — add pieces of candy cane to white, milk or dark chocolate and pour out to create your own sweet Christmas bark. For a more intense flavour also add a few drops of peppermint oil.

Delicious drinks

Take a sip of candy cane-flavoured drinks in the following ways:candy cane in hot chocolate

  • Garnish — hook miniature-sized candy canes onto the sides of glasses. For an edgy look, finely ground candy canes, dip the rim of glasses into lightly beaten egg whites and then into the candy dust.
  • Hot chocolate — fold candy cane pieces into whipped cream and then dollop on top of hot chocolate. As the cream melts, the flavours blend and become heavenly.
  • Cocktails — add a dash of peppermint schnapps to a milky Baileys or martini base and garnish with a candy cane for a great Christmas drink.

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