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Edible name cards for Christmas

Get creative with edible tags and name cards this festive season.

christmas cookies

Crank things up a notch this Christmas by going edible with your name cards and gift tags. Whether you are setting the dinner table or want to attach names to gifts in a different way, some of these ideas are sure to be a winner.

Chocolate name cards

Cheat’s hint! If you don’t have time to pour into moulds and wait for it to set, consider these cheat’s ideas:

  • Use your favourite chocolate (single serve size) to decorate and pipe out names on. Pick chocolate that has a smooth surface and will sit flat on a plate e.g. Wagon Wheels, Tim Tams, Peppermint Crisp.
  • If you can spare the cash, approach a chocolate artisan to do the hard work for you. Businesses like Burleigh Heads’ Choc and Pops specialise in the creation of business cards and CD cover-shaped chocolate cards. They’ll pipe out names and have them wrapped and ready for your party.

Using square or round chocolate moulds, melt dark or milk chocolate and pour into the moulds. Once set and removed from the moulds, use melted white chocolate, a hard icing or sprinkles to etch out the names of your guests and decorate.

Try to make the name cards in advance and leave them out to dry before storing. On the day of your dinner, place the chocolate name card on the top plate of your dinner setting.

Cookie name cards and tags

If cookies are more your style, consider sprucing up the much-loved gingerbread cookie or simple sugar cookie.

Use a store-bought base for making royal icing. It will come white and you can colour it to whatever colour/s you want. Royal icing will set hard, so it is much more durable than other types of icing. You can also get creative in your designs and writing as it is a little thicker to work with, so it’s not as tricky as a runny icing.

If you’re making a cookie name card for the dinner table, get creative with your shapes. Go for stars, angels, Christmas trees or round baubles. Just remember, you want it to have a flat back to sit on the plate.

If you are making a gift tag, make whatever shape you like but just remember to poke a hole in the top left-hand corner before baking. Once baked and cooled, thread some ribbon through the hole so you can attach it to the gift.

Painted plates

While not wholly edible, you could also consider painting a flat-based dessert bowl with melted chocolate.

Simply melt dark or milk chocolate and, using a paintbrush, spell out names and designs onto the bottom of a dessert bowl. Then place the bowl at the table setting on top. Your guests will be impressed and you will have them salivating for the upcoming finale treat.

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