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We The Kings write song about Aussie girl

We The Kings love Australia. They toured here twice in 2011 and are currently lapping the country again playing support to Simple Plan. Frontman Travis Clark even met the girl of his dreams in Melbourne and wants help to track her down.

“This is all weird to me because I’m not used to being hit on,” Clark explains about the story behind their hit song “Say You Like Me.” “That just doesn’t happen in the life of a redhead, or ranga as you guys say.”

Clark takes a deep breath before telling me about the one that got away.

“I was eating at Nandos waiting in line and this girl from behind me said, ‘Hey, I really like your accent, where are you from?'” Clark explains. “I turn around and there’s this beautiful, stunning Australian girl standing in front of me. I was like, ‘I’m from Florida in the States and I like your accent too.’ She was like, ‘We’ll, what are you doing here?'”

Bizarrely, it was unfamiliar territory for the talented singer.

“Now, I’ve never really been the guy to go like, ‘Wassup, I play in a band called We the Kings, you have heard of our song ‘Check Yes Juliet?'” I’ve never wanted to do that because it just sounds douchey,” he jokes.

“So I was just like, ‘My friends and I just came to hangout because it’s Australia, why wouldn’t we come here?’ She was like, ‘You and your friends should come and hang out with me and my friends.'”

We The Kings – Say You Like Me
Official music video by We The Kings performing “Say You Like Me”.

To cut a long story short, the girl ended up inviting the singer to her friend’s party — which, unbeknownst to her, just so happened to be a VIP booth at the We The Kings gig that night.

He remained mum on the whole scenario and agreed to meet her at the show.

“It was our time (to perform) and I was peeking through the curtains and I saw her. She came and she was sitting right there with all of her friends who were all gorgeous!” he gushes.

“They started drinking and having a good time. So, I ran out on stage and said to the crowd ‘Wassup Melbourne how ya doing?’ She wasn’t paying attention, she was just drinking with her friends. All of a sudden I see her turn and look at me and her face just drops and she mouths ‘You f**king a**hole!’ “

Clark is sorry that he didn’t take the time to stop and ask for her number, so he could meet up with afterwards, and that’s where the song came from.

“All I know is her name is Sophie and she lives in Australia, so I wrote this song ‘Say You Like Me’ about her and that if she liked me she just should have said it,” he says.

“I should have done the same and gotten her number, but I didn’t because I’m such a wuss!”

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