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Great munchies good enough for company

Stock up on basics for company-appropriate munchies you can serve quickly to unexpected guests.

Meat and cheese tray

Unexpected company drops by and you’re unprepared to offer a snack? Be company-ready with great munchies on hand and a few easy-to-make treats that can be prepared and served at a moment’s notice. With a bottle of wine, a pot of fresh coffee or tea or some sparkling water to accompany these offerings you’ll be the perfect hostess.

Stock up

A few items stocked in your pantry will be a blessing when unexpected company arrives. Keep a supply of basics like a jar of stuffed olives, a few boxes of assorted crackers, biscuits or bruschetta, some healthy chip options, like pita chips, and a jar of salsa. Fresh fruit and veggies are a must as well — these are everyday snacks for your family. It’s helpful to have muffins or cookies for impromptu coffee get-togethers.

In the refrigerator have a few hard boiled eggs, cheese, yoghurt and berries. With these essentials you can quickly organise a beautiful snack tray to serve your friends.

Quick snacks

Whip up some deviled eggs. All you need are the hardboiled eggs, a dash of low-fat mayonnaise and a garnish of paprika. Serve them with a fruit, cheese and cracker tray… slices of apple, pear or whatever fresh fruit you have. Make a tray with pita chips or crackers to dip in hummus or plain yoghurt, and serve a side dish of plump stuffed olives. Top the bruschetta with salsa and a shaving of cheese — heat under the grill for two minutes and serve warm.

Chunks of fresh fruit and berries served on a skewer with yoghurt dip come together fast and are a great combo with a glass of wine. Cut bite size chunks of fresh veggies like cucumber, peppers and celery to dunk in hummus or an easy ranch-dressing dip. With a few wheat crackers it’s a satisfying and nice hors d’oeuvre. Add some red or green grapes to the tray. Keep a container of grapes in the freezer — dip the grapes in lemon juice and roll them in granulated sugar before freezing. Just pop them out when company comes and serve with a cheese tray for a little sweet that’s cool and refreshing.

Cookies, brownies or muffins are excellent with coffee and tea. Keep some rich shortbread cookies hidden away to have available when needed as well.

Plain or whole wheat tortillas spread with almond butter or cheese (melt it under the grill and add a dab of salsa) can be cut into triangles and served as mini-sandwiches. Garnish the plate with baby carrots and broccoli trees and you’re good to go.

Be prepared to entertain with items that can come together quickly to welcome people into the hospitality of your home. Try some creative munchie combos on your family and decide on your favourite snack options.

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