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Celebrity Apprentice Australia causing a stir

Celebrity Apprentice Australia has kick started filming this week and it is already making news, both for those in the show and those left out.

David Hasselhoff

First it was a rumour, then it was confirmed, now he is here: “The Hoff” has been released onto Sydney streets.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that David Hasselhoff, better known as “The Hoff,” was seen yesterday tearing it up for the new series of Celebrity Apprentice Australia, a show where contestants take part in business challenges.

“The Hoff” and his team, including TV presenter Ian “Dicko” Dickson and former AFL star Jason Akermanis, were seen around Cremorne’s Orpheum Theatre. Apparently they were involved in a pet pampering challenge.

“The Hoff” has a had rough recent past, most notably his very public battle with alcohol, but it has not seemed to slow him down on the show.

Ben Dark, a TV presenter and fellow contestant, offered to “be his coffee boy if he keeps this up.” “Dicko” gave a back-handed compliment of sorts: “He’s going to hit the wall at some point.”

“The Hoff” has brought this energy to Twitter, trying to draw up support as well as offering to wash your pet.

Today, the star of Baywatch and Night Rider tweeted: “Sydney Park Alexandria 12to3 wash and dry your dog for Celebrity Apprentice and photos with Me and our team for charity and bring your dog!”

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that “The Hoff” came close to having a fellow contestant on the show by the name of John Ibrahim, who has a notorious nightlife personality.

A source speaking to Sydney Confidential said: “It’s not like (Ibrahim) went along to an audition, but he was definitely in contact with them about it. In the end they decided that (Ibrahim) was not hitting the market and (Apprentice) primarily is family-based.”

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