Reece Mastin wins X Factor Australia

Last night the hit Channel 7 reality TV show, X Factor, crowned Reece Mastin the winner. Reece Mastin not only has a great voice, but he isn’t so bad to look at either, as millions of tween and teen girls are quickly discovering.

Young vs old

It was a battle of the ages when Reece Mastin, a 16 year old from Southern Australia, competed against a father of four, Andrew Wishart from Victoria, to win the title on X Factor Australia. At the beginning of the show, third place winner, Johnny Ruffo, was sent packing.

Reece Mastin wins X Factor

As X Factor host Luke Jacbobz announced Reece Mastin as the winner of the show, he made it clear that there was only 1% separating the two finalists. A very emotional and excited Reece Mastin struggled to speak after been announced the winner of the Channel 7 show, finally managing to get out, “Guy you’ve been amazing…my family, my friends…”

The coveted prize that Reece Mastin was awarded for his win is a recording contract with Sony Records. That means that judge and former Boyzone band member, Ronan Keating, will probably see his wish that “I hope he makes a record straight away” will probably come true. Always being real, ex-Spice Girl Mel B told Reece to “Just have fun with the ladies baby!” There were no big comments recorded from Guy Sebastian, the judge who is best known for telling off an X Factor Australia contestant earlier this season.

Kylie Minogue

Besides the big announcement of the winner for X Factor Australia, there was a big performance by female musical genius Kylie Minogue who sang “I Should Be So Lucky”.

What did you think of the X Factor this season? Did you agree with Reece Mastin winning, or would you have rather seen Andrew Wishart or Johnny Ruffo take the title?

Photo courtesy of: Channel 7

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