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At Home with Julia being remade in UK

The UK is copying At Home with Julia, a satire on Prime Minister Julia Gillard, to poke fun at its own leader. At Home with David targets Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery for some.


The creators of At Home with Julia are bringing their satirical show to Britain to take a dig at that country’s Prime Minister, David Cameron. The show is being shopped at the Mipcom conference in Cannes. Quail Television, the producers of At Home with Julia, are said to be speaking with both producers and broadcasters in Britain to create At Home with David, the first show portraying an incumbent Prime Minister, with hopes of having it appear on the BBC.

No word on whether the UK show will also include a racy sex scene.


At Home with David wouldn’t be the first time the United Kingdom has poked fun of its leaders on television before.

The BBC aired Yes, Prime Minister back in the 80s followed by My Dad’s The Prime Minister in 2003, though both had fictional leaders. In addition, Channel 4 is planning a satire called The Hunt For Tony Blair involving a police investigation into the former PM after Cabinet members are found dead.

There’s no word on how David Cameron feels about the show. PM Julia Gillard took At Home with Julia in stride, according to various media reports. The show will not return for another season.

Image courtesy ABC

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