Second elimination on Beauty and the Geek Australia

Thursday’s episode showed a second couple eliminated from Beauty and the Geek Australia. Season three of Beauty and the Geek Australia has male beauty Troy and female nerd Helen partnered.


The geeks were charged with working on their communication and social skills. Each contestant had to approach female strangers in Sydney’s Darling Harbour and ask them for a date. Jimmy and Helen, the lone female nerd, seemed to struggled particularly with this task. Season 3 male beauty, Troy, who is already having no trouble luring in the female hotties of the house, gave her insight. Julian wound up winning the challenge.


The beauties had to touch animals blindfolded and guess what they were. Jacelle got all five right to show she’s no dimwit. An extra bonus activity saw the beauties trying to fish a token out of a box of cockroaches to get immunity, with Troy taking the prize.


Dolly and Bendeguz and Colin and Gaia were up for elimination. The second couple was also nominated to leave the show in last week’s episode, where Darlene and Nathan were sent packing. Colin and Gaia ultimately were offed based on their performances in the tasks.

With 16 contestants left, the tasks will get increasingly more difficult in coming weeks to strengthen the beauties’ smarts and the geeks’ social savvy before the season is over.

Catch Beauty and the Geek Australia on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on Seven.

Image courtesy The Courier-Mail

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