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The Outback Wrangler rescues animals in the NT

New Aussie reality show Outback Wrangler relocates crocodiles and other animals to safer places. The National Geographic Outback Wrangler stars Matt Wright.



Beginning next month, a new risk-taking animal-lover will hit television in Australia, America and Asia.

Australian Matt Wright, who lives in Canada most of the year, is the Outback Wrangler, a job that sees the chopper pilot “relocate” animals like crocs and buffaloes after catching them in more precarious settings (like when they’re about to eat a tourist). The wrangler’s pilot skills come into play since he uses a helicopter to actually spot the animals and then grab them and relocate them. The documentary series comes courtesy of National Geographic and was filmed mostly in the Northern Territory.

National Geographic is also filming a separate series investigating crocodile deaths in the Katherine area of the Northern Territory. Wild Case Files National Geographic TV will look at the reason why three-quarters of certain freshwater populations of crocodile have died since 2005.


Crocodiles roam the northern part of Australia in both fresh water and salt water. The saltwater crocs are the more dangerous ones, as they will attack even if they are unprovoked. They are even more worrisome because they will travel far inland.

There is usually at least one crocodile attack a year in Australia, with the most common locations including Darwin in the Northern Territory and far north Queensland. Attacks have occurred while victims were swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. Some have also been ripped from their boats by crocs.

Image courtesy Daily Telegraph

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