Four Weddings Australia returns for Season 2

Sep 22, 2011 at 11:20 a.m. ET

Four Weddings Australia begins second season to a bat-themed wedding.


It's not quite like the American shows Bridezillas or Say Yes to the Dress, but Four Weddings Australia still stirs up a bit of the competitive wedding spirit.


On the show, which debuted this time last year, four brides compete for a luxurious honeymoon by trying to have the best wedding. But they don't get scored by outside parties -- they attend and judge one another's weddings. Can we say wedding crasher?

The show, borrowed from Britain, reveals at the end of each episode the winning couple. In the first season, the winner got a honeymoon courtesy of Elegant Resorts & Villas. This season, Coral Seas is the vendor of choice.


In the first season, each bride rated the others on their wedding gowns, ceremonies, receptions and food. A total of 30 points was given for the whole wedding. This season, the brides will rate the entire wedding out of 10 points.

As you can imagine, some pretty outlandish wedding arrangements and gowns are showcased on Four Weddings Australia. Last season, there were themes ranging from Bollywood to Aussie Pub Lunch to 1920s Mobster. The first episode of the new season features a wedding inspired by bats held at Capricorn Caves in Queensland -- not on Halloween, but on Easter weekend.

Image courtesy Seven Network

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