Eminem concert time in Australia

It has been 10 long years since rapper and megastar Eminem has performed in the country of Australia, but that drought is about to end. Eminem has announced two one off concerts in Australia for his fans. One in Sydney and on in Melbourne.

Eminem performs in Sydney and Melbourne

In 2001 Eminem had his first concert tour in Australia. While successful once there, it almost did not happen at all. Eminem’s attitude and behavior as he rose to the top of the rap community played a hand in him almost not being allowed into the country. It seems that things are very different now.

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The tour promoter, Paul Dainty, claims that Eminem is a changed person from the artist that he was 10 years ago. He claims, “We’re in a different space with Eminem than we were 10 years ago. He’s crossed over to the mainstream to become a pop culture icon.” Neither the promoter, nor Eminem, sees any problem with the rapper getting into the country this winter.

Eminem is expected to sing for a crowd of 50,000 or more in each city. He is sharing the stage with another controversial rapper, Lil Wayne who just got out of prison. Paul Dainty does not see either of the rappers criminal records stopping them having successful shows on the tour. He simply does not think that fans care.

It was not easy for the promoter getting Eminem to do these concerts. He has made it clear that he does not want to tour, so they made him an offer. Just two concerts in Australia. Eminem could not refuse it. Possibly as part of his effort to find forgiveness with his fans. In an interview he did back in February with Rolling Stone, Eminem stated, “Some people look up to me, some people consider me a f***ing menace. But I’m grateful. I want to make up for letting people down.”

The Melbourne concert will be at the Ethiad Stadium. The Sydney concert will be at Sydney Football Stadium on December 2. Tickets will be $150 a piece and all ages are welcome. Tickets will go on sale on September 13.

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