How-to throw a fabulous cocktail party: 10 Easy tips

woman serving cocktail drinks

6Create good ambiance

Set the mood with the right decor and music. You can’t just throw people into a room and hope that they get along; sometimes, the setting has to be massaged in order to generate the kind of fun mood you want to create. A playlist with good tunes to set the mood is also a must.

7Keep the conversation flowing

It’s fun to reminisce with good friends, and sometimes those stories make for good party conversation. Or, perhaps someone has a great story that happened recently that they’d like to share? Funny stories are great icebreakers for guests who don’t know each other well.

8Update your neighbours

Unless your neighbour’s are invited, if you’re making too much noise, odds are you’ll be in their bad books the next day. If you think you may have a late night, it never hurts to let your immediate neighbours know of your plans — or you could go one step further and invite them over for a drink!

9The after-party

If all goes well, you might decide to keep the party going. As guests pick up and leave, your closest friends will likely stay behind, so have some delicious desserts and coffee on hand for the after-party stragglers. There’s no better way to wind down than by laughing about the shenanigans that just went down!

10Get your guests home – safely

A successful party is one that everyone gets home safely from! When alcohol is mixed in with the fun, it can be a recipe for disaster, but let’s hope that’s not the case with your party. As the host, however, it’s your responsibility to keep your friends in check, and don’t let anyone drive who has had too many drinks to get behind the wheel.

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