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5 Things you didn’t know about Jamie Dornan that will make you LOL

Christian Grey is a man of mystery. On the outside, the Fifty Shades of Grey character is a stoic businessman, but below the surface lies a kinky sadist with a special “playroom” that doesn’t involve an XBox.

While Jamie Dornan’s profession is quite dissimilar to Grey’s, turns out the actor has at least one thing in common with the man he portrays in the upcoming film: he’s got some crazy secrets going on and at least one of them involves another man and his bathtub. The only difference is Dornan’s private information is hilarious, not salacious.

Dornan visited Jimmy Fallon this week and the Tonight Show interview proved to be very revealing. We already knew that Dornan is a former model and previously dated Keira Knightley, but Fallon’s expert probing revealed so much more about the Irishman.

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Dornan tweeted out a pensive picture of himself before the interview, in which he’s most likely pondering all of the titillating nuggets he’s about to unleash on America.
Here’s the amazing info we gleaned during the sit-down.

1. Dornan bathes with comedy legend Don Rickles

The actor admitted to Fallon that he’s obsessed with Rickles. So much so, he has a framed photo of the comedic icon in his bathroom so he can gaze at it while he’s in the bath. “I’m totally obsessed with Don Rickles,” Dornan said. Fallon even had a photo of the actor’s washroom shrine, which clearly shows the autograph pic hanging above the tub in all its glory.

Don Rickles

2. He’s the world’s worst handyman

“I am so bad at, like, DIY, right,” Dornan said. “I can’t do anything — I can barely hang a picture.” The handsome actor then goes on to hilariously illustrate himself trying to hammer nails into a concrete wall. We get it, Jamie: You’re great at hammering Anastasia Steele, but you can’t hammer nails. Oh, the irony.

Jamie Dornan

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3. He can, however, nail a Scottish accent

Dornan can nail a Scottish accent and just about any other accent you throw at him. During a challenge titled “Fifty Accents of Grey,” Fallon and Dornan take turns reading lines from the book in different accents of the world and the results are hilarious. Check it out:

4. He’s a slow clapper

Dornan gives the dramatic slow clap after Fallon nails the line, “He smiles, then strides with renewed purpose out of the store, slinging the plastic bag over his shoulder, leaving me a quivering mass of raging female hormones,” in a classic American cowboy accent. Seriously though, how could you not slow-clap that?

Jamie Dornan, Jimmy Fallon

5. He loves the Rat Pack

“I used to watch a lot of stuff on YouTube of like Sinatra and stuff,” Dornan said to Fallon. “I’m sort of fascinated with that kind of rat-pack world.” While his fascination with the Rat Pack isn’t LOL-worthy, per se, the image of Dornan singing “It Had to be You” while he sits in a bubble bath, staring into Don Rickles’ eyes sure makes us giggle.

See what else Dornan had to say about Rickles below:

Images: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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