Charles Manson calls off wedding after fiancée's creepy plans revealed

Feb 10, 2015 at 2:32 p.m. ET

Last year, the news broke that Charles Manson was not going to let a life sentence stop him from getting hitched, but now there is a strange claim as to why his much-younger fiancée actually wanted to get married.

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The woman in question is Afton Elaine Burton, who now goes by the name Star, a moniker that was given to her by her future husband — who she apparently wants to marry so she can legally get her hands on his corpse.


According to the New York Post, journalist Daniel Simone claims that Star had planned to marry Manson in an attempt to get access to his body following his death, and here's where the story gets even creepier: she reportedly planned to put his body on public display following his death.

Simone claims that Star, with the help of her friend Craig Hammond, had planned to lay out Manson's dead body in a glass coffin in hope of creating something similar to Lenin's Tomb —  the resting place of Vladimir Lenin — to draw a large crowd and potentially make big money.

So, after these bombshell claims, does Manson still intend to marry Star?

Apparently not, as he has no desire to have his remains put on display.

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"He's finally realized that he's been played for a fool," Simone told the publication. But that's not the only reason why he has reportedly called off the engagement — he also believes that he's immortal.

"He feels he will never die," Simone said. "Therefore, he feels it's a stupid idea to begin with."

Although the couple's marriage license has now expired, the Charles Manson (Official) Facebook Page states that it will just be postponed for a later date.

"Charlie and Star were not able to complete their wedding ceremony due to an unexpected interruption in logistics. The marriage license, filed on November 7th 2014, was active for 90 days. They plan on renewing the license, and things will move forward in the coming months," the statement reads.