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Dancer brings new life to Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’: 10 breathtaking GIFs


Unless you’re a massive ballet fan, the name Sergei Polunin probably means nothing to you — that is, until now. This Russian “bad boy of ballet” recently teamed up with director David LaChapelle to produce a new video for Hozier’s “Take Me to Church.” The results? We can’t speak. They’re too perfect.

Look how fluid

All your dancers and yogis out there probably won’t think this move is cool, but we certainly can’t figure out how to make our bodies pull up like that.


The air time

We just tried this. We barely left the floor.

Sergei Polunin

The one-armed, sideways push-up

Is there a name for this? Wouldn’t know. Can’t do it.

Sergei Polunin

Followed by a one-armed back flip?

He looks like a circus freak! But the hot kind… that we want in our beds.

Sergei Polunin

Even more air

This flying kick-spin (go with it) is the third in a series of jumps that all get decent air. Was he born with springs in his feet?

Sergei Polunin

The ability to not get dizzy

Everyone can spin in one direction. It takes a skilled person to successfully pull of a spin in the opposite direction. Polunin does them back-to-back. Ballet dancers: masters of the Teacup ride.

Sergei Polunin

And then he just flings himself into the air

…What? How?

Sergei Polunin

Same arm, different stunt

Lesson: Don’t skip arm day.

Sergei Polunin

We call this “The Possessed”

…because he clearly is.

Sergei Polunin

And then he threw himself out the window

JK. But it looked that way. That’s a lot of speed after nearly four minutes of dancing.

Sergei Polunin

Finally, watch the whole video

We dare you to say you’re unimpressed, uninspired or unmoved.
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Images: David LaChapelle/YouTube

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