13 Things only The Bachelor fans would understand

Fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette know how ridiculous the reality franchise is.

We know that The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise aren’t even distant cousins of Downton Abbey. We know that Women Tell All, Men Tell All and After the Final Rose are simply placeholders in the season to string us along just a little bit further.

But guess what? We don’t care!

We eagerly await the onset of a new season and have come to accept Mondays because we know at the end of that particularly long day, there’s a reward. A sappy, soapy, oftentimes slurpy mess of humanity that we can’t seem to pry our eyes from. Here’s why:

1. Other people’s deep conversations are funny

Bachelor GIF

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If he had proclaimed to worship goats, it would’ve been just as entertaining.

2. Sometimes you just have to cry it out

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Would you look at that — a pretty crier. Fear not, we have it on good authority that this lovely lady has indeed found her Prince Charming.

3. Pretty girls with potty mouths never get old

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You can be as classy as can be, but when living in the mansion with your boyfriend’s other girlfriends, it’s gonna happen.

4. Everyone gets a final escort

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Does anyone else see relief in his eyes? Still, she gets a strong arm to lean on as she wraps up her 15 minutes of fame camera time.

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5. Just two little words can be a deal breaker

Juan Pablo GIF

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Trust us, it wasn’t.

6. Sometimes the guy just doesn’t matter

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A pardon from your exit interview can lead to some hefty frequent flier miles.

7. Yelling at the TV doesn’t help one bit

Juan Pablo GIF

She got engaged to him anyway!

8. Other people’s angst is funny

Chris Harrison GIF

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I, for one, am waiting for Chris Harrison to write his own tell-all.

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9. Sometimes a frog is just a frog

Bachelor GIF

Image: Huffington Post

You really, truly do not have to kiss a lot of them.

10. It’s amazeballs when the girl takes charge

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Every once in a while, we get treated to an empowering “hold your horses” moment.

11. Falling in love in a romantic capital of the world looks fun

Bachelorette GIF

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It’s when you attempt to do this at the Laundromat when things fall apart.

12. You never know when you’re going to witness a cry for help

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Image: Zap2It

If you have to wonder, there’s your answer.

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13. There are only few ways left to make a hot tub entertaining

Bachelor hot tub GIF

Image: E! Online

Now if only Jimmy Kimmel got in there, we’d be onto something.

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