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8 Reasons RuPaul’s Drag Race must come to the U.K.


Self-confessed Anglophile and Celebrity Big Brother finalist Michelle Visage has big plans to capitalise on her newfound fame in the U.K. and it’s definitely a project we can get on board with.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is reality TV at its finest. Think America’s Next Top Model meets Project Runway in an explosion of glitter and with the diva quota ramped up to infinite.

American television star Visage, 46, who has been on the Drag Race judging panel alongside RuPaul since 2011, has revealed that she has joined forces with Jonathan Ross to make a U.K. version of the hit U.S. show, in which drag queens compete for the title of “America’s next drag superstar.”

Ross confirmed last year that his production company was working on the show, with Jodie Harsh assuming RuPaul’s role, but that “family issues” had forced him to take a break from it. Let’s hope it can get going again now that Visage is on board. Here are eight reasons we need this show on our television screens.

1. We want more Michelle Visage

We loved her in the Celebrity Big Brother house and we don’t want her to leave. Visage is sharp, sassy and knows the world of drag inside out.

Video credit: WOWPresents/YouTube

2. Nobody makes an entrance like a drag queen

These ladies could teach us all a thing or two about how to turn heads, wherever you are.

Video credit: Logo TV/YouTube

3. The one-liners are to die for

The next time someone throws shade in your direction, try saying, “I’m polish remover, bitch!” Yeah, we don’t really know what it means either but it sounds awesome.

Video credit: Logo TV/YouTube

4. Drag queens are just regular people

Video credit: Logo TV/YouTube

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5. Drag queens are not regular people at all

Video credit: Logo TV/YouTube

6. It’s totally educational

You’ll never get your drag queen single/gay movie titles mixed up again.

Video credit: Logo TV/YouTube

7. The fashion is fabulous, darling

If you do have to “sashay, away” at least you get to do it looking completely fantastic.

Video credit: Logo TV/YouTube

8. Who knows when you might have to lip sync for your life?

It’s a hugely under-rated skill.

Video credit: Leo Es-Ro/YouTube

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