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Broad City: Feminism 101, according to Abbi and Ilana

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are the writers, creators and stars of Broad City, a Comedy Central show that breathes cackling, pot-smoke-filled life into the well-worn TV territory of 20-something ladies livin’ and lovin’ in New York City.

If you haven’t seen it, Broad City is Girls for actual girls.

Jacobson and Glazer follow in their mentor and producer Amy Poehler’s footsteps by embracing a feminist perspective and audience. But Broad City‘s feminism just refuses to fit into some “angry” or “preachy” stereotype.

Abbi and Ilana love men and sex and genuinely enjoy their lives in a carefree and apolitical way that wouldn’t usually lend itself to true feminist street cred. But they also refreshingly spend their time focused on themselves and meeting their own needs and desires for everything from sex and drugs to cereal and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

A woman who cares about and for herself first? How’s that for breaking the mold?

Here are a few important feminist lessons courtesy of Abbi, Ilana and Broad City:

You can be a feminist and still look smokin’ hot

Broad City Smokin' Hot GIF

Image: Giphy

A man who appreciates and respects the real you is totally sexy

Broad city respect

Image: Giphy

Remember that guys have the same anxieties and embarrassments

Broad City Sweaty Seth Rogen

Image: Giphy

For some women, becoming a mother doesn’t sound all that awesome

Broad City Motherhood

Image: Giphy

A vagina is useful

Broad City Vagina is useful

Image: Giphy

Turns out, it is also way more convenient than a clutch

Braod City Vagina is handy

Image: Giphy

So spend some quality time appreciating it

Broad City vagina mirror

Image: Giphy

You have to know how to love yourself first

Self love Broad City

Image: Giphy

And sometimes a woman needs to embrace her masculine side

Broad City strap on

Image: Giphy

As women, it’s easy to forget our own strength

Broad City Kettle ball incident

Image: Giphy

And sometimes, even feminists just have to roll with it

Broad City back of truck

Image: Giphy

You should probably listen to your mother more often

Broad City Ilana's mom

Image: Giphy

When the going gets tough, you can always count on your homegirls to see you through

Broad City BFFs

Image: Giphy

A man who truly loves you will take your call no matter what

Broad City Lincoln

Image: Giphy

A feminist can’t worry about what other people think about her opinions

Broad City Don't care

Image: Giphy

Time spent home alone can be magical

Broad City home alone no bevers

Image: Giphy

Flaunt those curves

Broad City butt shake

Image: Giphy

Men are impressed by women who speak their minds

Broad City speak your mind

Image: Giphy

You have to be willing to promote yourself

Broad City emotions get a room

Image: Giphy

Friends are there to remind you and everyone else of how awesome you really are

Broad City ass of an angel

Image: Giphy

Sometimes it’s fine to use sex to get what you want

Broad City hail a cab

Image: Giphy

A woman is a mysterious and surprising creature

Broad City take off the glasses

Image: Giphy

You have to go to work every day fired up and ready to take on the world, no matter what

Broad City going to work cleaner

Image: Giphy

It’s important to be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses

Broad City lose my purse weakness

Image: Giphy

It’s 2015 and women can go anywhere they please, thankyouverymuch

Broad City men's room

Image: Giphy

There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned crush on a hot guy who lives down the hall….

Broad City crush

Image: Giphy

Or that Bed, Bath & Beyond addiction

Broad City Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons never expire

Image: Giphy

Never let anyone shame you for what you’re wearing

Broad City Ilana Bra napkin top

Image: Giphy

And really never ever take yourself too seriously

Broad City Ilana laughing in bed

Image: Giphy

Women should help build each other up, rather than criticize

Broad City your ass looks incredible

Image: Giphy

Some ladies can rock a tuxedo

Broad City Ilana and Lincoln

Image: Giphy

But there’s just nothing sexier than a woman who loves herself — flaws and all

Broad City Do the Right thing dance

Image: Giphy

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