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17 Signs you’re so obsessed with Supernatural, it’s unnatural

If you think your obsession with Supernatural has gotten out of control, we can help. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you, too, may be unnaturally obsessed with Sam, Dean, saving people, hunting things, demons and angels. Check out the GIFs below and be reassured that you’re not alone.

1. You can’t hear “Eye of the Tiger” without doing this

eye of the tiger gif


It’s all about the leg air guitar, baby.

2. Your friends wonder why you have so much salt in the house

salt gif


To keep out demons, duh.

3. You can’t see a trucker hat without wanting to cry

bobby gif


Family doesn’t end with blood.

4. You bought a ’67 Chevy Impala

impala gif


And you don’t give two craps how bad the gas mileage is.

5. You own a cassette tape collection of classic rock

cassette gif


Of course, you don’t have a cassette tape player in your car, but that can be solved with a boom box in the passenger seat.

6. You don’t go on exotic islands for vacations, you go to Supernatural conventions

convention gif


And it’s the best money you’ve ever spent.

7. You have a demon protection tattoo

tattoo gif


You know, just in case.

8. You don’t just know the episodes by heart, you know the gag reels by heart

supernatural confetti gif

Image: Tumblr

Admit it, you know you go, “Confetti! It’s a parade!” every time Misha Collins does it in the Season 5 gag reel.

9. You judge people who’ve never seen the show

judging gif


10. You cry when the boys cry, no questions asked

supernatural cry gif


Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins)… it really doesn’t matter. If one of them has tears, you are a blubbering mess in no time flat.

11. You secretly love Sam’s luscious locks

supernatural sam hair gif


But then again, who doesn’t love that hair of his? It’s magnificent.

12. You panic a little bit when you hear “Heat of the Moment”

supernatural heat of the moment gif


Because what if, like, it’s going to be Tuesday again?

13. You now love pie more than anything

supernatural pie gif


Even if it was your least favorite dessert before. If it’s good enough for Dean, it’s good enough for you.

14. You call people “bitch”

supernatural bitch jerk gif


And you can’t understand why they don’t call you “jerk” back.

15. You think the worst insult to call someone is “assbutt”

supernatural assbut gif


You even tried to make your own rock salt bullets.

16. The angel on your Christmas tree wears a trench coat

castiel gif


You also find said angel kind of hot.

17. You’ve read or written Supernatural fan fiction

blushing gif


It’s OK, this is a safe place. You can admit it.

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