9 Pretty Little Liars' clues from Cody Christian

Feb 9, 2015 at 7:23 p.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars' Cody Christian is getting candid about what's to come in the remainder of Season 5, especially when it comes to Mike's intentions.

And while we really don't think that Mike is the bad guy, he's definitely been pulling some shifty moves as of late. Christian is shedding some light on Mike's motivations, though, and promising answers (like real answers) soon. In the meantime, here are the clues from his interview we think shouldn't be ignored.

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1. The interpretation of the sour gummies

"The real question is, it's interesting to see how people interpret it because it's — it almost read as disappointment on Mike's face," Christian teased, "and that could be led to assume, was he waiting for somebody? Was he intending to meet somewhere there at the dock? Was he just out there taking a stroll? That's the question in the air right now."

Christian promises we'll get those answers very, very soon. He even recognized that fans have heard that in the past and have been disappointed when they had to wait a whole season. He promised that wouldn't be the case with Mike's story line for the remainder of Season 5.

2. Mike wants answers

Christian said the real reason behind Mike's mysterious actions is simple. "I think what's motivating Mike is what's been motivating the Liars from Season 1 — and that's to find answers. That's the extent of it all. He wants to know why and what happened. He wants answers about Mona."

3. Mona may not be dead, dead

Is there hope for Mona (Janel Parrish) after all? Christian is saying yes and definitely.

"I don't think it can be put to rest because, you know, that's the thing in Rosewood — you could see a body but that doesn't mean someone is dead."

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4. Christian's favorite episode is telling

The actor didn't hesitate when asked about his favorite episode so far, but it's one that hasn't aired yet.

"It's actually episode 520," Christian said without a doubt. He continued, "I think when fans see it, they're going to know why."

We're keeping our fingers crossed for some good answers.

5. Mike is relatable

Though Mike used to be that "normal kid" on the show, he's transitioning as he gets older, though still experiencing things an everyday teen might be going through.

"I love the fact that I feel that Mike has that potential to almost help our audience and demographic in whatever way that they might need."

Well, right now we need some answers. Does that mean Mike will be our guide to the truth this season?

6. A may be one of the Liars

"I think it would be Hanna (Ashley Benson) or it would be Spencer (Troian Bellisario)," Christian said of his best A suspect. "My reason is because Spencer is always in control of everything. She always has the answer; she always knows what's next; she's always on top of everything. So her being this mastermind with a plan makes perfect sense.

"But then again, what about Hanna, because Hanna is all about this disillusion, right? You think she's harmless and innocent but, really, she's got brains that could be behind something as crazy as A and this whole mastermind plan to torment the girls. I think it's smart to say Hanna or Spencer and I'm sort of torn between the two."

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7. Mike is about to have a lot of new interactions

"In the episodes to come, you will definitely see Mike branching out and having interactions with characters that you might not have expected in the longest time," Christian teased, specifically pointing to Ian Harding.

8. Mike might start working with the Liars

"I think it would also be interesting to see Mike branch out and maybe have scenes with the Liars," Christian said. Could he be taking Mona's place in a sense now that she's dead?

9. History will repeat itself between Mike and Aria

Christian said Mike's relationship with Aria (Lucy Hale) is going to continue to be a complex one, "Mike and Aria have always been best friends and they've had each other's backs — and, at the same time, we've also seen them at each other's throats."

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