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Rosie O’Donnell is back on The View, pretends nothing happened (VIDEO)

Rosie O’Donnell dramatically dumped both her marriage and her job on Friday, but no one so much as mentioned it on The View today — and now she is explaining why.

The controversial cohost made both announcements via a story in Page Six, saying she was leaving The View because her children needed her around more in the wake of her split from her now-estranged wife. However, insiders told Variety that O’Donnell’s real reason for leaving had a lot more to do with what was going on behind the scenes of the show than behind the scenes of her marriage: arguments with moderator Whoopi Goldberg and ABC staff, frustration that topics she deemed important were not taken seriously and low rating all contributed to her decision to leave.

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But O’Donnell was there this morning, a bit more subdued than usual (turns out her last day is Thursday), and no one said a word about her major announcement. Watch:

It was super-awkward to watch her complain about how “corporations own all of the media,” which would include ABC News, who just happens to be in charge of The View, and talk about how viewers are only getting “a view that enhances their financial bottom line” — especially since Variety reports that a big part of her frustrations with the show is that it’s micromanaged by a committee of five executives under the direction of ABC News president James Goldston.

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So why didn’t she or anyone else on the show bring up her leaving? O’Donnell addressed this issue herself in a video blog today.
Basically, the woman just doesn’t want to talk about it, OK?

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