14 GIFs of Kristen Wiig at the Grammys that prove she missed her calling

Feb 9, 2015 at 4:40 p.m. ET
Image: CBS

Not surprisingly, the 2015 Grammys show was full of memorable moments — the best, perhaps, being an unexpected (but glorious) cameo by funny lady Kristen Wiig.

Only, she wasn't cracking us up with one of her SNL skits or a hilariously unscripted podium moment with Bill Hader.

Rather, she was blowing us away with her dancing skills. Yes, that's right... dancing.

Wiig — who, as it turns out, apparently took ballet for nearly a decade — surprised everyone by taking the Grammys stage to recreate notoriously press-shy Sia's "Chandelier" video alongside Sia's mini-me, Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler.

Acting as Sia's adult avatar, the Oscar-nominated actress proved that she's more than just a pretty (and funny) face.

Naturally, we couldn't resist memorializing Wiig's epic performance in GIFs. How else are we going to drill home our point that this lady should be hired as an interpretive dancer for every award shows performance ever? Producers, you might want to get on that stat.

Before we even grasped that this was in fact Wiig, she had already faux-punched herself in the face. That's talent, people.

The brilliance here is that Wiig manages to mimic both Sia and Sia's mini-me, who famously created this moment in the original "Chandelier" video.

Banging the air bongos? Putting up coffee mugs and can't reach the top shelf? Whatever is going on here, Wiig makes it look good.

"Damn it! I just threw my favorite imaginary coffee mug!" Wiig is such an excellent emoter — we can totally feel her pain here.

The fact that Wiig was able to fling herself around so artfully without ever dissolving into fits of laughter is testament to her ability as an actress and a dancer.

As Wiig wraps a throw around her head, we're still having trouble wrapping our heads around the fact that this insane dancer is her.

This is pretty what happens every time we are riding in a convertible with the top down and swallow a bug. But Wiig puts so much more heart and soul into pantomime choking than we do.

First of all, that revival bit was incredibly cool. Second of all, do you think Wiig somehow helped Ziegler carry her? If not, we are super-impressed with little Maddie's mad weight-lifting skills.

Kristin Wiig

Even though this reminds us a little of a scene from a Kid 'n Play movie and we kinda wish they broke out some old school dance-off moves, we're still pretty impressed by the way Wiig holds her own against Maddie.

We do not — we repeat, do not — look that decent when "freestyle" dancing. Or, as our friends call it in our case, "freestyle convulsing."

Wiig holds her own next to Maddie, who dances her little butt off every day as part of the Abby Lee Dance Company. Can these two get a musical sitcom or something? Who's with us?

We didn't realize it was possible to look graceful being thrown into a room, but Wiig nails it.

All of this and she's wearing a nude leotard? You've gotta give the girl credit for showing some major moxie.

Aaaaaand cut.

Images: CBS/Screencast-O-Matic

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