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Why Katie Price was the right person to win CBB

She’s always been celebrity Marmite. Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Katie Price was a worthy winner of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

1. She’s genuine

If there’s one accusation that can’t be levelled at Price, it’s that she’s fake (apart from her boobs, her hair, her tan and her nails, of course, but she’s the first to admit to all of that). What you see — whether you want to see it or not — is what you get. She has no delusions about herself or how other people see her. This self-described “rich chav” with a “sewer mouth” really didn’t expect to win — and even when she did, she couldn’t believe it.

2. She deserves a break

For every good thing that happens to Price a dozen bad things seem to go along with it. She’s been betrayed by those close to her in the worst possible way, had various health problems, lost a baby, has a child with severe special needs and been made a laughing stock by the British media at pretty much every point in her career.

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3. She went on the show to “make friends”

“I need loyalty in my life, not backstabbing,” Price confessed during the show. If any of us still needed convincing, Celebrity Big Brother showed us that there’s definitely a soft soul beneath that often brittle exterior. Sure, Keith Chegwin may be an unlikely candidate for the role of new best friend but Price can be sure he won’t sleep with her husband.

4. If Price hadn’t won, Hopkins would have

Simply unthinkable. The other Katie may have gone up in the estimation of the British public during the course of the show but the final result says it all. Never underestimate the Pricey, indeed.

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