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Iggy Azalea’s latest feud is with Papa John’s, and we’re 100 percent serious

If Iggy Azalea has an issue, she’s not afraid to share it on social media, and that’s exactly what the Australian-born rapper decided to do on Sunday, when she was left angered by a driver from the pizza company Papa John’s.

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Taking to Twitter over the weekend, the “Fancy” rapper let loose on the company, claiming that instead of getting just the pizza she ordered, she got a whole lotta harassment as well, after one of the Papa John’s drivers allegedly gave a family member her personal number.

Azalea revealed a text message from someone claiming to be her biggest fan, saying they got her number from his brother who delivered a pizza to her home on Friday night.

Azalea also explained that she was angry with the company because they refused to give her pictures of their employees so that she could identify who it was that stole her information.

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Papa John’s did respond to the rapper, explaining that their employee’s privacy is important to them.

“@iggyazalea #We should have known better. Customer and employee privacy is important to us. Please don’t #bounce us!” the company wrote, referencing one of her songs “Bounce.”

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But Azalea was not happy at all, threatening the company with legal action.

Tell us what you think of Iggy Azalea’s reaction to a Papa John’s driver giving out her number: Was she right to blast the company on Twitter?

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