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What Meghan Trainor taught girls with her Grammys dress

Meghan Trainor may be all about that bass, but at the Grammy Awards, we were all about Trainor’s badass dress. Girlfriend killed it in a sexy but classy dress, and we’re oh-so-jealous of her style.

Nothing annoys me more than the fact that, as a curvy girl, I’m apparently supposed to cover up my body more. Even in my attempts to wear higher necks on my shirts for work, it’s basically impossible for me to avoid showing cleavage. And my thighs? Ugh. One of my most embarrassing moments was when I showed up to church in stockings and my new skirt. It was a coveted black pencil skirt that even followed the school dress code requirement of going to my fingertips.

However, standing next to my bare-legged BFF in her micro miniskirt, I was still the one who got reprimanded for the short skirt. There’s just something about a fuller thigh that, apparently, seems infinitely more scandalous than a skinny one. Even my mom, in all her educated and “modern woman” glory, still has a hard time swallowing my wearing a skirt that sits a couple of inches above my knee.

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Award shows don’t help. The need for formal wear has a way of turning anyone who isn’t a size two into a
“floozy” bursting out of her clothes or grandma, narrowing their choices to something from the mother-of-the-bride collection. It’s nearly impossible to look back over the past decade and find a girl with curves wearing anything that was remotely sexy, slightly pretty or even sort of on trend.

On a night full of side boob, record-breakingly deep V-necks and booty shots, the women who stood out and made me swoon were the ones wearing dresses I could actually see myself wearing. Sure, Jessie J’s performance dress had oh-so-many cutouts — but the lining kept it modest and the floral cuts were gorgeous. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift looked like a modern-day princess in that turquoise ball gown that still showed off her long gams. For me, though, Meghan Trainor stole the show.

Meghan Trainor

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Trainor’s sheer ball gown walked the line between sexy but not skanky and modest but not matronly. It was the perfect compromise. Underneath the see-through A-line skirt was a short and tight lining. It showed off her “bass” and let her legs work their magic. It did all that without doing anything that, God forbid, might shock our grandmas. It was the kind of dress boys would crawl blocks to get into, and mamas would still nod approvingly at while waiting outside a dressing room.

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For the record: I’m not saying girls like me shouldn’t wear shorter skirts or lower tops. On a day-to-day basis, I do what I want. I love my boobs. And my thighs and I are, well… we’re working on our relationship. I am, however, saying there is a time and a place where sometimes it pays to swallow your “Eff you!” and find a compromise that makes you feel good but keeps the old folks happy.

It was awesome to see Trainor walk that line and, hopefully, send a message to all her fans saying, “Hey! Look! You can be pretty and modest without looking or feeling like a nun!” For all the girls who struggle with not wanting to let down their mamas and mamaws but still love to feel feminine, trendy and maybe even sexy: That dress is your answer.

Nicely done, M-Train. Could, uh, I borrow that beast?

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