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The Walking Dead: Tyreese plays protector and 13 other perfect moments

Tyreese’s story inspired us in The Walking Dead midseason premiere. Here are 14 times he owned the episode.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for “What Happened and What’s Going On.” Consider yourself warned.

It’s unfair that the show did this to us so close after Beth’s heartbreaking death, but once again another survivor was taken away. Tyreese’s journey to the beyond was full of inspiration and a whole lot of grit. Here are 14 ways he stole the show in the episode.

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1. When he comforted Noah

The first person to come to Noah’s side after the poor guy saw that his home was destroyed was Tyreese. He may have been a big guy, but he also had the biggest heart, and he proved it right then.

2. When he told Noah not to give up

Noah looked like he was done with life, but Tyreese pulled him back with a few words of wisdom. Tyreese told Noah, “You have to choose to live,” and “This isn’t the end.” He told the story of saving Judith and made Noah realize that good things can happen after a tragedy.

3. When he kept Noah safe

Noah insisted on going into his house, and when Tyreese understood there was no stopping the kid, he agreed. But Tyreese also insisted on going in first, just to make sure Noah would be safe.

4. When he showed his softer side, again

Poor Tyreese. He went into that house to keep Noah from harm, but he should have been watching out for himself. Tyreese went into the twins’ room and was obviously affected by pictures of the children.

5. When he got bit

Those pictures were just enough to distract Tyreese, and he took a bite from one of the walker twins. It must have hurt like hell, but Tyreese managed to keep from screaming and even managed to kick the walker away.

6. When he started seeing dead people

It sucked to see Tyreese suffering from that horrible wound, but we have to thank him for letting us see some of our favorite characters again. We could’ve lived without seeing Martin again, but it was fantastic seeing the Governor and Bob, as well as Lizzie and Mika.

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7. When he used his own arm to keep a walker at bay

Well, that arm was already going to need to be cut off so why not go head and use it as a distraction from another hungry walker? That must’ve been Tyreese’s thought when he pulled off that particular feat of badassery.

8. When he used amethyst as a weapon

We watched that scene over and over, and we’re nearly positive the weapon Tyreese pulled off the shelf to kill that walker was a piece of amethyst. That’s what we call resourceful.

9. When he let us hear Beth sing again

Though it marked how close he was to death, Tyreese’s vision of Beth was beautiful. Ever since her death, all we’ve wanted is to hear her sing again. So thank you for that, Tyreese.

10. When he told the Governor off

Tyreese was close to gone, but he proved he wasn’t completely out of it when he told the Governor he knew exactly what happened and what was going on. He knew the Governor was dead, and he knew it wasn’t over. Except that it was, for Tyreese.

11. When he refused to give up

It hurt so bad knowing he couldn’t make his words come true, but Tyreese was truly inspiring when he told the Governor, “People like me, they can live,” and “Ain’t nobody got to die today.” We loved how he kept fighting until the bitter end.

12. When he got his arm cut off

Tyreese had one of the most brutal deaths ever seen on The Walking Dead. He wasn’t bit just once, but twice, then he had his arm cut off. As if that wasn’t enough, he was then able to run for a while before the group had to carry him to the car. The fact that he was able to walk at all, even for such a short time, was a miracle.

13. When he let Beth comfort him

Tyreese heard a haunting radio broadcast as part of his dying hallucinations. After he was loaded in the car, he heard it again, and when he asked to have it shut off, Beth and the little girls were there to comfort him. “It’s OK, Tyreese, you gotta know that now,” and “It isn’t just OK. It’s better now,” they told him. It was almost as if he was waiting for those reassurances before letting himself go.

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14. When he was buried

Just a few days ago, we watched the first two minutes of this episode and assumed we were seeing flashes of Beth’s funeral. Instead, it was Tyreese’s. Hearing Father Gabriel’s words and watching as everyone put shovelfuls of dirt on his grave, it broke our hearts like so many other moments have on this series.

Dear Tyreese, why did you have to leave us, too?

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What did you think of Tyreese’s end on The Walking Dead Season 5 midseason premiere?

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