Watch Pharrell give Taylor Swift the death stare at the Grammys

You either love Taylor Swift’s award show dancing or you hate it. While we personally happen to think it’s adorable, Swifty getting jiggy with it apparently has the power to turn even the King of Happy sour.

In a 2015 Grammy Awards moment that we can’t stop watching on repeat, Pharrell Williams is caught giving a hilariously wicked side-eye to Swift as she hilariously bops around in her seat during the show. We’re not expert lip-readers, but it certainly looks like Swifty might be singing along to her own song “Shake It Off.”

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Can you say “icy”? Swift and Williams were both up for Best Pop Solo Performance, which Williams ended up scoring. Could it be possible that he has mystical powers that allowed him to place a curse on Swift, assuring his own triumph? Then again, we also noticed the slight smirk at the end of Williams’ death stare. Maybe the hitmaker can see the future and he already knew that he was a shoo-in for the win.

Sam Smith


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