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Grammys: 6 Things Rihanna’s dress reminds us of (PHOTOS)

Let’s be real: Rihanna could show up to the Grammys wearing a potato sack, no makeup and hair that hasn’t been washed in a week and still look gorgeous, but the dress she chose for the awards tonight is, um, questionable.

In fact, we’re not so sure it’s even a dress. (Although it is slightly reminiscent of some high fashion ’80s maternity wear, we don’t really think Rihanna is hiding a baby bump.) Twitter exploded with reactions to the frock the second RiRi set foot on the red carpet, and many of us were reminded of a million different things that aren’t even clothing when they look at the bright pink gown. There’s one thing that’s not in question, however, and that’s Rihanna’s whereabouts, as one Twitter user was kind enough to point out.

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Rihanna is always daring with her fashion choices, and we love her for it. This dress is just so out there, though, we’re on the floor with laughter thinking about all the other things it reminds us of.

1. Toddlers and Tiaras

Tom Hanks

Image: Giphy

It might be the color, the ruffles or the tiny, shiny, crystal-lined bandeau top, but the dress has “child beauty queen” written all over it. We think Tom Hanks would agree.

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2. A shower poof

Again, the color is key here, along with the volume of the skirt. The upside: Just add some body wash and she’ll be squeaky clean post-Grammy after-parties!

3. A toilet roll doll

We remember seeing these toilet toppers at our grandma’s house when we were little. It’s touchingly nostalgic that Rihanna is bringing the style back.

4. An ’80s Barbie birthday cake topper

The resemblance is uncanny.

5. A glorious cupcake with buttercream frosting


Image: Giphy

We can’t help but wonder if Sprinkles is sponsoring Rihanna’s Grammys dress, because we have a sneaking suspicion that their cupcake ATM sales are going to skyrocket this evening.

6. Pepto-Bismol

Well, at least if someone at the Grammys gets a tummyache, they know who to go to, right?

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