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Grammys: Madonna suffers serious wardrobe malfunction — on purpose (PHOTOS)


The music industry’s elite are known to take major creative license when it comes to fashion on the Grammys red carpet, and Madonna’s 2015 getup serves as a prime example. The legendary performer arrived to the awards show in a risky ensemble that aired all her dirty laundry — or lack thereof.

Madonna stepped onto the red carpet in a funky yet fun and sexy matador-inspired outfit. The skirted frock had some leather and lace, a corset and a hat reminiscent of a traditional Spanish bullfighting cap. Think Running of the Bulls meets Fifty Shades of Grey.

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The skirted getup is not super-surprising, considering that Madge’s newly Snap Chat-debuted video was matador-themed and she’s demonstrated an affinity with bullfighters in the past. We were kinda diggin’ the avant-garde look until things went horribly wrong. And when we say “horribly wrong,” we mean Madonna intentionally lifted up the skirt of her own dress to reveal her butt-less panties and her own full moon in all its glory.

Though Madonna is notorious for bringing the shock value to the Grammys and award shows in general, we’re just not quite sure what her motivation for this maneuver was. However, everyone around her is cracking up pretty hard, so maybe the butt shot was intended for someone in particular? We may never know.

What do you think of Madonna’s Grammy outfit and skirt flip?

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