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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family turns against one another in bloody fight

The stress is starting to make a united family come apart at the seams at the bedside of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Police were called to intervene in a brawl that broke out, ending in bloodshed.

Police were called to an Atlanta-area hotel close to the hospital where Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma, where they found an ugly scene involving dad Bobby Brown’s sister Tina and her son Shayne.

“Upon arrival, I spoke with Mr. Shayne Brown, who appeared to have a laceration to the left side of his forehead,” reads the police report. “Mr. Brown stated that he was attending a party for Bobby Brown’s birthday. Mr. Brown stated that he was in an altercation with his mother about a valet parking ticket. Mr. Brown stated that while arguing with his mother, she spit in his face and hit him on his head with a glass bottle.”

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“Mr. Brown [Shayne] further stated that his mother did leave the scene and that he did not want to file any charges on his mother,” the police report continued. “A manager of the W Hotel was also present to witness the altercation.”

But the fun didn’t end there. After driving himself to the hospital, “Mr. Brown advised me that he noticed scratch marks to the 4 o’clock position of his vehicle that were not present before the altercation,” reads the report.

The family is obviously under a great deal of stress right now, but that kind of behavior is never OK.

Putting another rumor to bed, sources deny that Bobbi Kristina was taken off life support — or that she was ever on it in the first place, according to Access Hollywood. She remains in a medically induced coma almost a week after being found facedown in her bathtub.

Her grandmother Cissy Houston has joined the prayer vigil, but her partner Nick Gordon has been MIA for days — and one insider thinks he has been prevented from seeing his love by the family.

“Nick hasn’t been to visit Bobbi since she moved to this hospital,” the source told Us Weekly. “I think he’s banned from seeing her. Nick spent the entire first day with her, but hasn’t been back to see her.”

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One family member is speaking out on her condition. Cousin Jerod Brown posted an update to his Facebook page Friday, and he said that while things really don’t look good, they are not giving up hope.

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