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Did Beauty and the Beast offer Ryan Gosling the wrong role?

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling is a beast — for your love. Rumor has it the dreamy actor is up for the lead in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, but is it really the right role for him?

The rumor originated with The Tracking Board writer Clark Allen, who posted earlier this week, “I’m hearing that Ryan Gosling is Disney’s top choice to star in Beauty and the Beast, and has been offered the role. The part that Gosling is being courted for is the Beast himself.”

While far from official, the news does make us wonder: Would Gosling make a better Beast or Gaston?

The characters are opposites: Beast is ugly on the outside but once you get past his rough, gruff exterior he’s an OK guy. Gaston is lovely to look at but inside is a menacing, murderous, terrible person. Gosling is neither ugly on the outside nor on the inside because he is the most perfect specimen of man ever born, so it would take a major suspension of disbelief to see him in either role.

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A case could be made for either, though. If he played the Beast he could be the good guy in the end and be revealed in all his gorgeous glory once he is transformed (SPOILER ALERT!) back into the prince he is. But if he played Gaston, his actual gorgeous face would get a lot more screen time overall.

Decisions, decisions.

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It all may be a moot point, because there is no official word that Gosling is in any way attached to the project, unlike Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who has signed on to play Beauty. But interestingly, the actor just started tweeting again this week after a nearly four-year hiatus — could he be prepping for an onslaught of publicity in the future unrelated to all the Lost River promotions he is currently using it for?

Tell us: Would you rather see Ryan Gosling play the Beast or Gaston in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast?

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