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Jon Stewart is trying to break the internet with his hairy nipples (PHOTO)


If you have ever dreamed of seeing Steve Carell, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert topless, well, then here is your chance.

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In the short clip — which Stewart first aired on Comedy Central back in October 2001 — you can see longtime pals Carell, Stewart and Colbert freeing their nipples and showing off their extremely hairy chests, to a tune that sounds a lot like elevator music.

The trio then feel their chests and strike several creepy, albeit hilarious, poses and pouts.

The caption confirmed that the comedians were trying to break the internet, a nod to Kim Kardashian and her nude Paper magazine shoot from last year. And although we don’t think that this video is going to have the same effect on the world as Kardashian’s shoot did, it’s definitely worth a watch — and we aren’t the only ones who think so.

The clip has been liked nearly 6,000 times, and fans’ reactions range from “what did I just watch,” and “Haha this gives me weird feelings” to “YES” and “This needs to break the internet!!!”

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