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Kanye West is counting down something, so let’s guess what it is

Kanye West is counting down to something. What is he counting down to? We have no idea. So let’s all guess.

Kanye West is going to do something big next Thursday, Feb. 12 at 4:00 pm EST. How do I know this? Because I have been watching this clock count down on his website, which features a countdown and a mess of racket. MTV thinks it has something to do with his new Adidas line set to debut at NYFW, and as exciting as that is, it’s more fun to guess about a mess of other things Kanye may be unveiling on the 12th instead.

1. It’s obvs a Kim Kardashian clone machine. He has developed a new line of Kim-bots and the machinery is making them, which is what’s with all the clanging noises. They will be released next week.

Kim K. and Kanye clone machine

GIF credit:

2. He’s making kandy. Kanye kandy. With extra sprinkles. The line will debut at your grocery store next week.

Kanye kandy

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3. He’s making kookies. Kanye Keebler. It’s happening. A direct partnership with the elves because his website is showing me an oven of some sort. yeezy

Image credit: Yeezy website

4. He is making music. The background noise is actually the music for his next album. He is counting down to when his next album drops.

Kanye album drop

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5. He is counting down to when his pizza will be delivered, which he ordered online for six days from now.

Kanye pizza ride

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6. He is counting down to remember when to pick up his dry-cleaning.

Kanye Jay Z car ride

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7. He is counting down until Kristmas because Kanye made Kristmas come early because Kim asked him to. Kristmas!

Kanye cat

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So what do you think Kanye is counting down to? Tell us in the comments komments.

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