18 Signs you’re too obsessed with living in a post-apocalyptic world

Is the zombie apocalypse real? Probably not. But an apocalypse isn’t out of the question, either. Most of us think about it from time to time, knowing something should probably be done to prepare. Some of us maybe spend a little too much time worrying. Here’s how to tell if you’re too caught up in the prep.

1. You don’t just watch The Walking Dead, you study it

Arrow Image: Giphy.com

2. You bought a banjo

Zombieland Image: Giphy.com

3. You go to Kroger and come home with 20 cans of tuna

Bacon Image: Giphy.com

(Or bacon!) Because you never know.

4. You spend a lot of time window shopping at the mall

Mall Rats Image: Giphy.com

Someday you’ll live there, so why buy now?

5. You have a “go bag” for each family member

PackingImage: Giphy.com

6. You’ve studied up on EMPs

explosion gif

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7. Your house is regularly referred to as “the armory”

boondock gif

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8. Little Carl already knows how to fire a gun

twd carl gif

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9. Medicinal plants? You got that on lock

weed gif

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10. You have a dozen orange gas cans in your garage

oil gif

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Every time the price drops, you fill up.

11. You moved from Florida to Ohio, but you brought your hurricane boards

run gif

Image: Tumblr.com

In case of zombies: Board up windows with “I survived Charlie!” plywood.

12. Boy Scouts isn’t about honor and friendship

duck gif

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It’s about their own survival.

13. You hate dirt, but you’ve learned to garden

garden gif

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Bonus points if you’ve learned how to pull seeds from plants for the next year.

14. You collect blankets

kitty blanket gif

Image: Giphy.com

blanket gif

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Like… a lot of blankets.

15. You’ve practiced your zombie walk

zombie gif

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If you can’t outnumber them, outwit them.

16. You know where the best sanctuaries are

zombie fence gif

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Prisons, National Guard posts… anywhere with a high, strong fence. It’s an added bonus if the place will have extra fuel, food and weapons.

17. You’ve mapped out the route to the closest Twinkie factory

twinkie gif

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Those things last forever.

18. You play a lot of Fallout

fallout gif

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“War never changes.”


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