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Tom Hanks reunites with a special Castaway co-star (VIDEO)

It was a big night at Madison Square Garden, and it didn’t have anything to do with what was going on down on the ice.

Tom Hanks ended up in front of the cameras at the Rangers-Bruins game last night. He was smiling, waving and looking just a bit uncomfortable.

What happened next set off all the feels. A reunion for the ages.

His literally long-lost Castaway costar jumped into the frame. It was none other than than Wilson, the volleyball!

The blood-stain face surprised the actor, who didn’t seem to notice it at first, but then he began waving it for the camera and cheering on his team with it.

Their parting brought me to tears. It was the first time I clearly remember fully bawling over a movie.

And in case you don’t remember it, let me refresh your memory:

After 15 years, as the blog Gothamist said, “It’s enough to bring a bloody hand print-stained tear down our leathery cylindrical faces.”

Check out the video.

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