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Fox News, you’re wrong: Here’s how Frozen positively impacts boys

Disney’s Frozen is indeed a phenomenon, and as a mom of five I’m glad that my children have enjoyed the movie and appreciate it for what it is: a very entertaining cartoon.


tBut for some reason the folks over at FOX have found a reason to ice the movie with chilly sentiments saying that it portrays men as fools and villains, which they believe is harmful to little boys because it threatens their masculinity.

t Really?

t I beg to differ.

t Many parents like myself appreciate the girl empowerment theme and my son too has enjoyed the strong humorous male characters. This movie is for him just as much as it is for his four sisters.

t How dare FOX assert that this movie threatens any boy’s masculinity? I have to say that’s a very backward way of thinking. This is not the 1950s when women were expected to grab an apron and get to cooking and rubbing their man’s feet while barefoot and pregnant. It shows progression to see women and young girls take care of each other sans a man as seen in Frozen.

t My 6-year-old son loved Frozen and asks me to play the movie several times a week. He has the action figures too and sleeps with his plush Olaf at night. Since he has four sisters, I need and want him to understand that girls are not weak and waiting for a man to come and save the day.

t FOX is sending the wrong message if they think our sons should not see women fending for themselves and if they believe every story has to have a Prince Charming who is the only one who can make a difference in a girl’s life.

t Frozen shows all little boys that girls rock. But even more it shows that a strong family bond rules.

t Yes, it turned out that the villain in Frozen didn’t turn out to be Anna’s Prince Charming. But so what? There is truth in knowing that there are bad guys, and I want my son to see that character and know that he will never be that dude. Villains exist in the real world, ya know.

t Boys everywhere need to understand and know what a powerful woman is through seeing various depictions and not just their mom as an example. It’s great to see on screen that girls can think on their own and stand up for themselves, especially in a highly-sexualized society where women are often depicted on TV as sex figures or dumb blondes.

t And men don’t always come to the rescue. Boys need to see that all bad guys don’t have guns. There are plenty of bad guys with handsome faces who are fooling women.

t Anna saving Elsa is an anthem in true sisterly love. And goodness knows my daughters fuss and fight, but seeing Frozen reassures to them that no matter what, they’ve got each other’s back and they don’t need a boy to save the day.

t My son’s masculinity is no more threatened watching Frozen than Guy Fieri’s or Chef Gordon Ramsey’s is whipping up Frittatas on the Food Network. Men can cook, right? Yes. And boys can certainly be entertained by Frozen without it being a threat to their boyhood.

t Get over it FOX. No, even more, Let It Go!

t Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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