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Conrad Hilton, Paris’ brother, threatened to kill flight attendants

Conrad Hilton has secured the position of King Douche of the Skies after calling his fellow passengers peasants, threatening to kill a flight crew and flaunting his daddy’s money in an incident that could land him a 20-year prison term.

The brother of Paris Hilton was on an 11-hour British Airlines flight on July 31, 2014 that for everyone else on the plane turned into the flight from hell. Hilton was rude and combative from the get-go, multiple witnesses testified in court Tuesday, spewing such gems at the flight crew as:

  • “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it and I will f***ing fight you.”
  • “I am going to f***ing kill you.”
  • “I will f***ing rip through you.”
  • “I will f***ing own anyone on this flight; they are f***ing peasants.”
  • “My father will pay this out, he has done it before. Dad paid $300,000 last time.”
  • “He either wants to fight me or f*** me but I’m not gay.”
  • “I could get you all fired in five minutes. I know your boss!”

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Charming! Witnesses testified that he was “ferociously punching the bulkhead of the plane, 10 centimeters from a flight attendant’s face” and that he “went berserk, causing children on the plane to cry.” He was also busted smoking both cigarettes and weed in the lavatory. When he finally passed out, the crew tied him to his seat so he could not continue his rampage if he awoke.

Hilton’s lawyer Robert Shapiro told TMZ that Hilton had taken a sleeping pill before the flight, which caused him to act like a huge jerk, saying that there are “numerous news reports and cases of people experiencing adverse effects, including aggressive outbursts.”

And indeed, Hilton did check into a 30-day rehab sometime after the incident.

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He was also refreshingly candid about what happened while in court this week, admitting that the actions of a fellow passenger stopped him from literally killing someone.

“If that man wasn’t there, that guy [the flight attendant] would have been f***ing killed on that flight. A hundred percent I would have killed him,” he said.

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The judge confiscated Hilton’s passport and ordered him to remain in the state of California until his next court date in March after paying $100,000 bail. If convicted of intimidating or assaulting a flight crew member, he could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Has he learned his lesson? Doubtful — his attitude certainly hasn’t changed. As he left the courthouse, he told one photographer smugly, “You’re a scumbag.”

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