The Walking Dead: 11 Spoilers learned from the first 2 minutes

The Walking Dead has released the first two minutes of the midseason premiere, and we made it our mission to learn as much as we could from it. Here’s what we know.

As the winter premiere has gotten closer and closer, AMC has been releasing teasers about what fans can expect. One teaser left us with a bunch of questions, while another had us predicting what kind of effect Beth’s death would have on the group.

Well, it looks like we may have gotten some answers in the latest video. This one isn’t just a teaser, it’s the first two minutes of the episode itself, and here’s what we know after watching it.

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1. The tribute to Beth

A couple weeks ago, we wondered what Rick would do to honor Beth’s passing. Now we know that he and the group will be fulfilling her last wish by helping out Noah.

2. What they “need to do”

Rick talked about something the group needed to do before they could live their lives. It seems pretty safe to assume that he meant the new mission of taking Noah where he wants to go.

3. Where they are going

Chances are this may change (doesn’t it always?), but now we know that the place they are traveling to is outside of Richmond, Virginia. Supposedly, it’s a safe place with walls, homes and other people.

4. The new place may not be as safe as they hoped

This theory isn’t just based on past experiences that the group has had in their search for a safe place. It also comes from the previous teaser that showed various members of the group in grave danger. We’re guessing that this new sanctuary won’t be what they hope.

5. Their new mission

Nothing ever seems to go well for the group unless they have a mission, and we wondered what new undertaking they would attempt in the second half of the season. They were united in their desire to get Eugene to Washington, but that was a wash. So now, they have a new mission: get Noah (and themselves) to Richmond.

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6. The reason for hope

Another hint tossed around in a previous teaser was the idea that the group had a reason for hope. It didn’t seem possible, given what happened with Eugene and his supposed cure, but a new hope has come to light. It may turn out to be a disaster like every one of their other attempts to find a safe place to live, but at least they have that hope again. Without it, it’s doubtful they’d want to continue to live.

7. Beth will get a burial

It may have seemed obvious that Beth would have a proper burial, but nothing is really obvious when it comes to this show. They could have been forced to burn her body in a rush for safety, so finding out that Beth will get a burial and that Father Gabriel will get to say a few words for her is nice.

8. Noah will be devastated by Beth’s death

This fact is kind of surprising, as Noah didn’t know Beth that well, but she did sacrifice herself for him. Seeing Maggie sobbing over her sister’s death was sad, but expected. Seeing Noah sobbing over Beth’s death was equally heartbreaking.

9. Noah may have had a twin brother

Pictures of twin boys who look a lot like Noah are seen a couple of times in the clip. The pictures put the twins at about the right age to be Noah’s age now. If it’s true, it raises the question of whether the group will end up visiting Noah’s home or if we are just seeing images in his mind.

10. Places that were once secure don’t always stay that way

As Rick talks about taking the group to Richmond, we see flashes of places like Woodbury and the prison. Both were once thought of as places of safety for the people who lived within them, and yet both became places of mass destruction. Seeing these images could mean that the group is definitely headed into another disaster, or it could mean that they have learned from their past mistakes. Maybe it means that Richmond will be safe for them, but only for a while.

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11. They may have found their new home

Rick talks about getting Noah to Richmond as a way to honor Beth’s last wish, but he also hints that the group could live there as well. Could they finally find a place to put down roots for a while? Will they get along with the people who are there? Will Rick give up his power and follow another leader, since one is bound to already be in power in Richmond? A new home doesn’t mean things will be easy for them.

The Walking Dead Season 5 midseason premiere airs on Sunday, Feb. 8 at 9/8c on AMC. Check out the first two minutes of the episode below.


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