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Girl Meets World: Angela’s back, but she shouldn’t get back with Shawn


Kim Kardashian’s butt had nothing on Disney’s internet-breaking news today. Boy Meets World‘s Angel and Chet are coming to Girl Meets World. Minds = Blown.

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The Disney Channel announced today that former Boy Meets World cast members Trina McGee and Blake Clark would appear in upcoming episodes of the spin-off, Girl Meets World. Clark’s return seems especially mind-boggling, with his character, Chet (Shawn’s dad) being dead and all. But, it’s McGee’s return that has everyone in a tizzy. Upon hearing the news, the internet let out a collective swoon in hopes of a repairing of Shawn and Angela.

Here’s the thing, though:
That’s a terrible idea.

First, let’s look at this from a purely logical standpoint. Yes, I recognize that sometimes high school and college sweethearts get married. One of the coolest couples I know has been together since they were practically infants (19. Same thing.). But we can’t all marry our first real loves. It’s impractical and statistically unlikely. Cory and Topanga are excellent role models for Riley and for GMW viewers, sure. But, do we really want the next generation to believe that marrying their first love is really that likely? Imagine all the crazy teenage overreactions a reunion is likely to inspire. One childhood romance success story is enough, OK?

Plus, most Boy Meets World fans are between ages 25 and 35, and I bet a lot of us are still single. Do we really want another example of people who have already met and ended up with their “person”? No, thanks. I could use a few more “late-in-life” couplings to make me feel normal, actually.

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Another important thing to consider is whether reuniting with Shawn would be true to Angela’s person. While I haven’t a doubt in my mind that Angela really did love Shawn and what they had was significant… it ended for a reason. Angela was also so tough and fierce. She never came across as the kind of girl who would change her mind about something like a goodbye. And while, on the one hand, I could see her being too independent to actually end up with anyone, I also see her as a real catch and can’t imagine a world in which she hasn’t already found her equal and settled down.

There’s also the very important issue of what is currently happening in Shawn’s story line. In one of the most recent episodes of Girl Meets World, “Uncle Shawn” returned. He quickly found himself the target of one of Cory and Riley’s schemes. See: Riley’s best friend, Maya, really doesn’t have a very reliable parent. Her dad is AWOL, and her mom works a lot to pay the bills. The Matthews decided Riley needed a father figure and, by the end of the episode, Shawn had signed up for the position. There was even some chemistry between Shawn and Maya’s mom. Shawn had a messed up life with people always leaving him. Let’s not repeat the cycle for Maya.

We all want to return to the simpler, sweeter days of our youth. I get it. But, the reality is we can’t. I face that struggle every day around 2 p.m., when all I want to do is take a nap, but the boss ladies keep emailing me with more work. Sure, Shawn and Angela were perfect together when they were younger. They’re grown-ups now, and it’s time to move on. You’ll adjust. I promise. Just take a nap and regroup.

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