Magic Mike XXL trailer is finally here, and it’s so freaking hot (VIDEO)

Ladies, we have the fodder for your early morning lust.

Channing Tatum, sexual innuendo and lots and lots of crazy hot dancing.

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect morning. With a nice strong cup of coffee, a new official MMXXL poster and the official trailer for the movie — all in one morning — it’s almost enough to make you want to jump back in bed. *wink*

We get Channing Tatum, shirtless with some strategically placed verbiage.

“Coming” placed right over his johnson.

Get it? Get it?!

Clever. (And h.o.t.)

But wait. It gets so much better. The official trailer dropped just this morning on the movie’s official Facebook page.

So, without further ado, I think I’ll just leave you with this right here:

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