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6 Reasons to be excited about J-Hud and Rita Ora coming to Empire

The interwebs are abuzz with the news that singing sensations, Jennifer Hudson and Rita Ora, will be putting in an appearance on Fox’s new smash-hit show, Empire.

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According to E! Online, Ora and Hudson will each make a guest appearance in the hip-hop drama before the end of the show’s first season. Fox hasn’t released any further details about who they’ll be playing or how they’ll fit into the show’s story lines but, like E!, we assume the two ladies will be playing themselves.

If you can’t already tell, this casting news has us positively giddy. Empire is smashing records and pulling us in with the way it’s tackling issues of race, sexuality, fame and wealth, not to mention the soapy touch it applies to its episodes, which the show isn’t ashamed of and nor should it be — we love a few soapsuds on our primetime viewing when the time is right, and the time is always right on Empire.

We think the show is the perfect place for these two chart-toppers to make an appearance, and if you aren’t as convinced as we are about this, allow us to articulate all the reasons why you should be.

1. Their singing, obviously

This goes without saying, but you can’t see the looks on our faces that convey how obvious a plus this is, so we have to say it. It would seem pointless to feature two singing powerhouses on the show and not have them sing, so we think it’s safe to assume they will belt out a tune or two and that it will be music to our ears, both literally and figuratively.

2. The collaboration possibilities

Speaking of singing, we are getting dizzy just thinking about all of the collaborations that could go down on the show when these two ladies are thrown into the mix. While we’re stoked about the idea that they may do a solo or two between them, what we are really giddy about is the possibility that they will make sweet, sweet music with Jamal and Hakeem. And while we assume Hudson and Ora will make appearances on different episodes and, therefore, it’s unlikely our ultimate dream of a collaboration between all four of them — Ora, Hudson, Jamal and Hakeem — will take place, our minds will actually explode if that happens.

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3. An expansion of musical genres on the show

Empire‘s main jam is hip-hop, with some R&B thrown in for good measure, as well — and we love both. Both Ora and Hudson have established themselves in the R&B genre, but they’re also incredibly versatile performers who haven’t boxed themselves into just one type of music. So, while we know they will certainly be able to hold their own when it comes to the show’s established musical genre focus, we know it’s also possible they might add a little something different musically, and we can’t wait to see what they do and how it fits into, and works with, what the show already has going on.

4. All of the fierceness

As far as fictional TV characters go, nobody even comes close to the fierceness of Cookie. But Ora and Hudson are fierce ladies in their own right and in the best way possible. If there is a God, he will most certainly deliver us some scenes where each of these ladies interacts with Cookie. We’re practically having a meltdown just thinking about how amazing it’s going to be.

5. The addition of some female artists

Don’t get us wrong, we love Jamal and Hakeem. But aside from Tiana, who doesn’t look set to appear in more than the four episodes she has already appeared in, Empire is running a little low where female artists are concerned. So, naturally, we are pretty intrigued as to how Ora and Hudson will shake things up purely from a gender makeup perspective. We know both ladies are strong and capable of holding their own, so they will certainly give the men on this show a run for their money.

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6. We get to see more of their acting chops

Both of these ladies have some serious thespian abilities. For starters, Hudson has a freaking Oscar for her turn in the musical film, Dreamgirls, and she has also made an appearance on another musical show before, Smash, playing an established Broadway star, so she will well and truly crush her performance on Empire. Ora, meanwhile, has had a handful of appearances on TV shows, including playing herself on 90210 in 2013, and we all know she’s set to appear in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. So there’s no doubt she also has the acting skills to pay the bills.

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